Shot! Viking Drakkar Steel Tip Dart Set

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Available Weights:
25.0 grams, 23.0 grams

90% Tungsten

Between 700 and 1100 AD, Viking raiders from Scandinavia ruled the seas, fought like warriors, and made vanquished peoples shake in their boots and soil their leather breeches. The Vikings range by Shot Darts lets you relive their epic saga. Strike a blow to the dartboard, and fear into your adversaries.

This 90% tungsten rear weighted dart is powered by a mighty grip area to hold fast to your dart till you choose to set it loose. Put the pressure on your adversary, with a reinvented back-weighted 'Siege' interlocking 4/5 grip and follow through with the rear squared shark fin to guide your hand. A specially milled and compact barrel is the weapon you need to strike at close quarters.

Your pillaging days have just begun.