Ryan Searle 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts by Harrows

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Harrows had the pleasure of working closely with Ryan to design his new signature 90% tungsten darts.

He was keen to keep his tapered profile he has used for many years, however, he wanted to add some extra grip to the dart.

After several prototypes, Ryan found form with a particular set and decided this was the dart for him.

The tapered barrel has a grip sequence that combines shark cuts and regular ring cuts, to give a good level of grip and ensure consistent release.

Best known for using a particularly heavy dart, Ryan's darts are available in his personal playing weight, 32g.

The dart is coated in tough black titanium nitride and red metallic rings; Ryan's signature colours.

The darts come equipped with Midi Red Carbon ST stems and 100 micron Prime flights.