Scott Williams Black 90% Tungsten SP Steel Tip Darts by Target

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Introducing the Scott Williams Black Out Darts, crafted from 90% tungsten, these darts offer a winning combination of durability, balance, and style.

Key Features:

    1. 90% Tungsten Construction: Our Black Out Darts are forged from high-quality 90% tungsten, renowned for its density and strength.
    2. Black Titanium Performance Coating: The sleek and captivating Black Titanium coating not only enhances the darts' aesthetics but also adds a layer of protection against wear and tear. This coating not only looks stunning but also contributes to increased durability.
    3. Radial Groove Cuts for Grip: We understand the importance of a secure grip in dart precision. The Scott Williams Black Out Darts feature precisely machined radial groove cuts along the barrel, providing you with exceptional control and a natural feel in your hand. Whether you prefer a firm or light grip, these darts cater to your unique playing style.
    4. Front-Loaded Bomber Barrel Shape: The front-loaded bomber barrel shape of these darts allows for a dynamic and aggressive throw. The forward weight distribution ensures a powerful and consistent trajectory, making these darts ideal for players seeking to elevate their scoring potential.

Upgrade your darting experience with the Scott Williams Black Out Darts today and experience the perfect fusion of style, precision, and performance.