Target Bolide Steel Tip Dart Set

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Available Weights:

22.0 grams Bolide 03

23.0 grams Bolide 01

24.0 grams Bolide 03

25.0 grams Bolide 01

26.0 grams Bolide 03

21.0 grams Bolide 01

90% Tungsten

Bolide is the latest in the Swiss Point Dart Range

Each barrel is finished with a yellow Pro Grip shaft and eye-catching flight exclusively designed for the range.

Switch your point length, style, and color in seconds using the patented locking system using taper and threaded technology ensures your points stay locked in during play.

Vibrant Precision Milled Barrel - Intricately constructed with precise radial grooved cuts and uniquely hand sandblasted coating to offer enhanced grip and distinct matte texture feel.

Pack Contains - 3 x Dart Barrels, 3 x Pro Grip Shaft Yellow, 3 x Yellow Bolide Designed Number 6 Flights, 3 x Silver Smooth Swiss Points